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.. "pagpag" what is leftover for others is a meal for these people.


It is difficult to say anything new, very hard and sad, but great reporting Sidney.


seriously heartbreaking images. makes me feel ashamed for every time i've complained about something in my life.

Wim van der Meij

Very disturbing indeed. I wish we could do something about these terrible circumstances. Makes me realize how lucky and rich we are in "The West".


What a moving report


Beautiful, yet tragic, documentary photographs that you have captured here. What's even more tragic is that the shame of looking for these leftover scraps is gone from the faces of the scavengers. I suddenly am feeling very satiated.


De très beaux portraits dans ce lieu si sinistre , toujours un sourire sur les visages c'est hallucinant ; ce reportage est bouleversant
Bravo pour témoignange


Et dire que notre société de consommation gaspille tant !
Bonne semaine.


It's sad to see the next generations learning their life skills searching for food this way. You can foresee the day when they'll be teaching their kids how to do this. Your images are very compelling.


Excellent reportage of the resourcefulness of the poverty stricken. Sad to have to subsist on such marginal food.


Bonjour Sydney,
je suis heureux de te retrouver sur le Net.
Ta nouvelle série si riche en couleurs et en sourires sur la pauvreté de ce quartier est très touchante!
Je ne peux malheureusement plus visiter mes amis blogueurs quotidiennement car j'ai commencé un nouveau boulot en décembre dernier qui est très "time consuming" comme on dit en français...
A très bientôt.
Amicalement. Richard

The Nomadic Pinoy

These series of photos are so stark yet poignant. A very raw glimpse at poverty.


I really appreciate what you are doing to bring the very sad plight of the urban poor to the attention of the world.


another amazing series Sidney !!


Great report. It's a hard life there.

dong ho

i remember seeing that documentary and like i always say, i hope irresponsible politicians gets to see this.

Luna Miranda

in one of my visits to GK in Baseco, i learned about this pagpag. we had Jollibee delivered lunch to about 100 kids in Baseco and i saw some kids wrapping the chicken bones to take home. when i asked them about it, they said that their mother would boil the bones for their dinner.


I'm afraid I cannot understand the videos, my language capabilities don't range that far. But I read the article by the journalist.
It makes you understand the situation better, I find. I reacted to his article, hope he OK's it.

Michael Rawluk

This is just too sad.


So sad.. I looked at Dennis Villegas' blog too. You parallel each other in ways.. he reported on Kristong Hari as well. I think you are more of a photojournalist though.. I would love and also worry over taking the visceral photos that you do. Still I learn much and learn by reading your blog!


An american once told a filipino in the US how he is terrified of the "ecoli". The filipino told the american to calm down...he told the white the philippines, we eat "ecoli".

Sad images as usual.

Otto K.

excellent images, and still such a sad story continues to unfold.


très beau reportage, en effet.


Il faut le voir pour le croire et çà ne les empêche pas d'être beaux et souriants, bravo pour ce témoignage

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